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QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module

QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module

SKU: quadspark

Waterproof and capable of handling plenty of current, each channel of the Quadspark Ignition Module needs a 5 volt logic level signal.

Perfect for running IGN-1, IGN-1FD, IGN-4, or IGN-6 coils. Or use them with OEM distributor-less ignitions that don’t have the ignition module built into the coil, such as the coils found on many Ford, BMW, or Chrysler coil on plug or wasted spark applications.

Heat sink, PCB, and final assembly all made in the USA – some of the electrical parts like the German BIP373s are imported.

Dimensions:  4.5″ wide, 2.75″ deep, and 1.5″ tall.

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